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Revolutionizing training programs for oil & gas, aviation, aerospace, construction, utilities and other heavy industries

When employees have access to truly engaging and relevant training programs, time, money and lives are saved. Virtual reality is rapidly replacing the traditional methods of training and competency assessment tools in use today. Imagine the ability to fully immerse yourself into a virtual world that looks exactly like your everyday work location. It could be an offshore platform, engine room, a manufacturing facility, you name it.

Vision4D Competency Assessment Simulator

Optech4D's Vision4D software, a full immersion 3D training program, embeds best practices and the experience of countless engineers. 

Reduced Downtime

Our experienced engineers and designers create computer models of real equipment, allowing for unlimited experimentation and training without ever taking the equipment offline.

Safer Training

Training through virtual reality provides a way for personnel to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment, ensuring higher retention rates and lowering the potential for critical errors.

Tailored Solutions

Each program can be tailored to the individual needs of our clients, ranging from routine procedures to crisis management covering all aspects of the workplace. 

Knowledge Sharing

The software also aides in the preservation and sharing of critical knowledge across the technical workforce.

Turnkey Programs

Four training simulation packages available, including Helideck Landing Officer, Lockout Tagout, Well Control and Crane Rigging & Lifting.

Training Simulator Packages

Turn-key virtual reality training programs

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