Crane Rigging and Lifting

Numerous hazards in rigging and lifting operations result in serious injuries and fatalities. Including falls created by uneven working surfaces, struck-by and crushing from loads not properly rigged/hoisted and electrical hazards created by hoisting equipment near energized power lines. Our virtual reality (VR) rigging and lifting simulator allows new and experienced crane operators to train on the rigging and lifting of loads. The flexibility of our VR training simulator allows for the operation of different cranes, control panels, pedant controls, hooks, slings and shackles. These parameters are configurable to simulate numerous loading situations including loading through horizontal or vertical openings, moving around obstacles and inverting/stacking loads. With our simulator, operators can train in a variety of environments such as inside a crowded warehouse, on an outdoor loading dock on a windy day or on a swaying offshore drilling rig – all within the safety of a virtual world.


Train on rigging and lifting procedures on virtually any crane in any work environment.

Digitally track performance and adherence to safety inspections and lifting procedures.

Rehearse complex and risky lifting jobs from the safety of the virtual world.