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Virtual and Augmented Reality in Energy:
from Science Fiction to Science Fact

Headquartered in the "Energy Capital of the World," our team understands the unique challenges the energy industry faces every day. We have deep experience partnering with super-majors around the world to enhance and address safety awareness, compliance, training programs, real-time field collaboration and more.

Optech4D's solutions are particularly well-suited for use in the oil and gas industry, where remote and locations and interactions with heavy assets and equipment are increasingly common. Today, technology enables users to receive the majority of training in a virtual environment, which can significantly reduce cost and risk.

From upstream, downstream to midstream, our solutions work across the energy value chain.
Emergency drills and SOP rehearsals
Competency assessment on critical rig and plant systems
Live collaboration using video streaming and cloud-based data between field personnel and office-based experts
Heavy equipment simulation to reduce downtime

The use of both virtual and augmented reality help reduce the maintenance, operational and health and safety challenges inherent in the oil and gas industry. Optech4D empowers engineers and operators to visualize what matters, resulting in greater learning retention and personal safety.

Lockout-Tagout Using Virtual Reality Training

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