Saipem selects Optech4D for 3D simulator

Optech4D develops simulator for advanced pipe-laying process for Saipem

Saipem, one of the largest Oil and Gas contractors worldwide and energy industry leader, is a major player in underwater pipe-laying construction, tackling some of the most challenging projects globally.  The Italian company has established a process for rapid deployment of pipeline. Optech4D has built a training and visualization platform, using its Full Immersion Training Simulator (FITS), to accurately depict this highly technical process, and train personnel.   

Typically, laying trans-oceanic pipeline is accomplished by one of two methods depending on the depth of the seabed (J-lay or S-lay pipe-laying). Both of these procedures involve use of a pipe-laying tower on the specialized vessel, and are necessarily technically challenging. Saipem uses some of the most advanced technologies to lay pipeline in deep water.  

Optech4D has developed a realistic, three-dimensional simulation platform that allows users to observe in great detail the specifics of various procedures, using both human avatars and Free Flight cameras to gain a clear understanding of how it is implemented. It is a vital tool for easy visualization and communication of advanced concepts.   

About Saipem   

Saipem, a subsidiary of Italian energy Company Eni, is one of the largest contractors and service providers for the oil and gas industry worldwide. Major activities include onshore and offshore pipe-laying, plant construction, and drilling. For more information, please visit   

About Optech4D   

Optech4D is a global provider of 3D Full Immersion Simulators for the Oil and Gas Industry. Founded by chemical engineers, with 15+ years of experience serving the Oil and Gas Industry, the company’s simulation platform embeds best practices and the experience of countless engineers, providing a truly effective method for training the next generation in day-to-day operations, safety, and crisis management. For more information about Optech4D’s 3D Full Immersion Safety and Technical Training solutions, please visit