Plant Design Solutions Announces Partnership with Optech4D

Plant Design Solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Optech4D to market its Full Immersion Training Simulator (FITS) platform.  While focused to support EPC’s and owners with CADWorx and CAESAR II, Plant Design Solutions keeps an eye on latest applications and looks to partner with firms that are harnessing emerging technology such as DotProduct with the DPI-7 Imager.   

Optech4D's 3D simulator platform combines decades of experience from the oil and gas sector into an intelligent industrial gaming environment.  The development team at Optech4D builds the client’s offshore platforms and existing refineries within the gaming platform at nearly half the budget of traditional solutions and weeks (if not months) ahead of schedule.     

The facilities are easily navigated via an avatar with Oculus headset, a tablet, and/or PC & laptop. As simulators are used in military and flight training, the 3D Full Immersion platform on a mobile device makes the entry point very accessible whether you are in a large refinery or small lubricants plant.    

Along with the oil and gas facilities, Optech4D has created a state of the art platform for interacting with heavy equipment in three dimensions, on computer and mobile devices, allowing the end user to deepen their understanding of the inner workings of complex equipment such as compressors, pumps and turbines. SOP’s are integrated and individual parts can be ordered on demand, from a mobile device.   

There is great concern for the oil and gas industry to find the best people and getting them well trained them in a short period of time.  As an industry committed to safety, significant hours are dedicated each year training new and existing facility staff.  Owner/Operators and EPC’s will see faster on boarding of new staff where piping designers and engineers are working on CADWorx for fabrication drawings with Isogen and leveraging the which ultimately help maintain in Optech4D’s 3D Full Immersion Safety and Technical Training solution.   

“We were amazed the first time navigating Optech4D's virtual refinery with the Oculus headset.  Could envision hiring a new operator in the gulf coast and train them in facilities from the North Sea to Western Australia.  There is so much potential with Optech4D's learning platform, we look forward to getting more clients introduced to their technology.” states Kevin Murphy, director of sales with Plant Design Solutions.

About Optech4D 

Optech4D is a global provider of 3D Full Immersion Simulators for the Oil and Gas Industry. Founded by chemical engineers, with 15+ years of experience serving the Oil and Gas Industry, the company’s simulation platform imbeds best practices and the experience of countless engineers, providing a truly effective method for training the next generation in day-to-day operations, safety, and crisis management.  For more information about Optech4D’s 3d Full Immersion Safety and Technical Training solutions please visit: 

About Plant Design Solutions 

Plant Design Solutions is the premier Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions Provider in the US. With offices in Houston Texas and Milford New Hampshire. Plant Design Solutions have teamed with Intergraph, the leader of Autodesk based Mechanical Engineering Software in the Power and Process Industries, addressing the areas of pipe stress, pressure vessel design and rating, tank design and rating and piping design and drafting. Plant Design Solutions is committed to our clients to exceeding expectations by providing the very best solution, including Intergraph software, training, and on-going support.For more information, please visit 

About Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (Developers of CADWorx and CAESAR II) 

The Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (CAS) products allow design and engineering to share relevant information seamlessly, thereby maintaining accuracy and improving efficiency. They include CADWorx Plant Design Suite for AutoCAD-based intelligent plant design modeling, process schematics and automatic production of plant design deliverables; CADWorx DraftPro for intelligent 2D design and layout; CAESAR II, the world's most widely used pipe stress analysis software; PV Elite for vessel and exchanger design and analysis; and TANK for the design and analysis of oil storage tanks.For information on Intergraph CAS, visit