Optech4D Propels into MRO Americas with AR/VR Suite of Software

Augmented reality enhances flagship competition among major airlines, military teams and more during Aerospace Maintenance Competition

Optech4D, a leading provider of 3-D virtual and augmented reality technologies, joins commercial airlines, military leaders and industry experts at MRO Americas in Orlando to showcase how virtual and augmented reality will transform MRO for the aviation and aerospace sectors. 

“Last year we received an enthusiastic response from major airlines and military teams to our augmented and virtual reality software – it was exciting to see users’ reactions as they put on the smart glasses and goggles,” said Vincent Higgins, CEO of Optech4D. “Our industry-specific, real-world software opens up a new world of time-and-cost saving maintenance, repair and overhaul possibilities for the industry, allowing users to literally ‘visualize what matters.’”

Specifically for 2017, Optech4D will support the annual Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC), which puts current and future maintenance professionals head-to-head to showcase their abilities and see how they stack up against peers across the country. Optech4D will demonstrate guided work instructions via augmented reality (AR), where contestants will receive a smart device as they begin the competition. All procedural instructions, and supporting data needed to accomplish and record task results, will be delivered to the contestant through AR.  The only paper involved in the process will be the event judge’s score sheet that records the time required for each team to complete the task.

The AMC sets the bar high for maintaining aircrafts successfully and safely for future technicians to the most seasoned professionals. With over 40 teams competing, ranging from commercial airlines like United Airlines, American Airlines, Gulf Air, Alaska Airlines and Qantas, to military teams such as the Coast Guard, Army and Air Force, the competition serves as an informational hub for maintenance professionals worldwide.