Optech4D Launches 3D Visualization And Simulation Training Solutions For The Aviation Industry

Houston Company Gives Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul a Virtual Reality Makeover

Houston, TX  April 5, 2016 

“The ability to recreate real-life training environments by way of virtual reality is no longer science fiction.  It immediately opens up a new world of time-and-cost saving maintenance, repair and overhaul possibilities for the aviation industry. Data can literally be floated into a technician’s field of vision. This is the future of MRO,” according to Vincent Higgins, CEO of Optech4D, a pioneer in the field of wireless and wearable computing.  

At booth #4444 (Hall F) during Aviation Week’s 2016 MRO Americas, Optech will offer demonstrations of its wearable virtual reality and augmented reality technologies for interacting with aircraft in three dimensions via computers, mobile devices and next generation smart glasses. Optech’s Virtual Reality fully immerses the user in a realistic, simulated environment, while its Augmented Reality superimposes information onto the real world, providing a technician with hands free information, called up at any time and seen in the user’s peripheral vision.  

Augmented and Virtual Reality, as designed by Optech, each deliver specific and highly realistic PC and Mobile Apps. This new capability empowers aviation technicians, for the first time, to interact with 3D models and “virtually explode” complex equipment in the classroom or in the field to see its inner workings without removing a single bolt.  

At the same time, maintenance technicians can access unlimited documents and schematics and collaborate with expertsback in the home office (who can now see what the technician sees and offer additional information and experience). Through Optech’s wearable computing solutions, technicians can also requisition parts and replenish and manage inventory, allwhile in remote locations. 

“During MRO Americas, Optech welcomes the opportunity to provide MRO leaders with demonstrations of our augmented and virtual reality wearable computing so they can literally ‘visualize what matters,’” said Higgins.