Optech4D Expands Global Reach with Strategic Partnerships

Announces partnerships with industry, regional experts on the West Coast and Latin America

HOUSTON– December 9, 2016 – Optech4D, a leading provider of 3D virtual and augmented reality technologies, today announced partnerships with DGS Servicios Industriales SAC of Latin America and SAFER Systems, LLC of Westlake Village, California, in order to expand its presence in geographies and industries that most benefit from augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions. The partnerships will allow Optech4D to greatly expand its presence in meaningful and strategic ways, in order to improve safety and maintenance in the oil and gas, aviation and other heavy industry sectors.  

“Optech4D is very excited to partner with industry experts that share a keen interest in improving industry operations and safety practices,” said Vincent Higgins, chief executive officer of Optech4D. “Our global partnerships mean the future of the exploration and production, refining, and heavy industry sectors – among others – will have access to industry leading and life-saving training and operational technologies where they would not have been previously available.”

Detailed information about Optech4D’s new partners:

DGS Servicios Industriales SAC:DGS is aimed at providing value solutions, products and services for industrial safety.  Based in Latin America, the partnership will expand Optech4D’s presence in the oil and gas, aviation and manufacturing sectors in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. DGS’s customer-centric approach and commitment to protecting those involved in onshore and offshore drilling and production operations align perfectly with Optech4D’s commitment to safety, learning and development. 

SAFER Systems: SAFER Systems provides an industry-leading chemical detection and plume modeling platform through SAFER One RT™ that enables customers to prepare, plan and respond to dangerous events that impact lives, communities and the environment. The company’s SaaS-based technologies, powered by Google Maps®, leverage real-time meteorological and chemical sensor data to provide immediate warning of chemical release events, in addition to enabling deep integration with existing IoT and sensor technologies at chemical and petrochemical facilities worldwide. The partnership with SAFER Systems will provide SAFER’s customers exposure to state-of-the-art visualization of hazardous chemical release scenarios and response management to improve safety training and readiness.

“DGS and SAFER Systems chose to partner with Optech4D because of our shared commitment to leverage AR and VR technologies to advance safety training and knowledge assessments across many different demographics.  Optech4D is excited about our growing international partner program and the opportunities ahead through strategic partnerships,” said Higgins.

Optech4D’s augmented and virtual reality technology combines cutting-edge visualization software with the latest in wearable computing, including smart glasses and wearable tablets, to improve operational efficiency & safety.

When asked why DGS chose to partner with Optech4D, Gary Storey, general manager at DGS, said, “We see tremendous opportunity to represent Optech4D’s extensive knowledge of virtual and augmented reality solutions in the oil and gas and aviation sectors, which are very active in Mexico, Central America,  South America and the Caribbean. There is a lot of opportunity for business success, especially as teams look to become more operationally efficient, enhance training, and ensure competency in our area.”

SAFER Systems’ Michael Flavin, Director of Product Management, added, “Providing next-gen technologies that can integrate, literally, into our customers’ complex environments to provide immersive and realistic training scenarios for the various situations that fixed facilities face is a great value-add for our customers. Offering both our SAFER One RT™ plume modeling platform and Optech4D’s VR training environment complement each other very nicely and provide a next-level of readiness opportunity for customer’s Safety and Operations personnel across the board.”

For more information on Optech4D visit www.optech4D.com.