Optech4D Acquires Fitiri Energy

  • Optech4D Inc acquires Fitiri Energy
  • Company expands into other industries, outside Oil and Gas
  • Optech4D develops software for next generation augmented reality safety glasses

HOUSTON (August, 21, 2015) – Recently formed Optech4D Inc, with the assistance of MNA Advisor, LLC, after completing an equity investment round, has purchased Fitiri Energy.  Optech4D is short for “Operational Technologies 4D” where the 4th dimension is that of time (driving operational excellence, reducing downtime and saving money).

 Vincent Higgins as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors is pleased to announce the new Board of Directors: Jeff Sattler, former VP of Technology at Lloyds Register Energy; Jim Dumler, Sr. VP Strategy & Business Development for CenterPoint Energy; Gigi Myung, President and CEO for GLM Energy; Patrick O'Donnell, CEO of Unabridged Technology LLC and former CEO, Bridgeway Software Inc ; Abe Shasha, Consultant & Subject Matter Expert in the areas of Technology, Chemicals, and Oil & Gas and James A. Taylor, Managing Director and CEO, MNA Advisor; additionally Mark Vance from MNA Advisor will join the team as the Chief Financial Officer. 

Optech4D provides software as a service (SaaS) for day-to-day operations, maintenance, and health and safety, to the Oil and Gas industry, as well as complementary industries such as nuclear, aerospace, aviation, and construction. Optech4D’s goal is to drive adoption of technological advancements within these industries, bringing together software with the latest in wireless and wearable computing. 

Optech4D’s virtual reality, full immersion simulators, context aware mobile platform, and next generation wireless beacon hardware are fully compatible with a variety of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), and the latest in wearable computers. This includes augmented reality headsets: interactive safety glasses that enhance the user experience and boost efficiency.   

For more information, contact: 

Teresa Mace: 417-861-2190