Houston Company Gives Process Safety A Virtual Reality Makeover

Optech4D Launches 3D Visualization and Simulation Training Solutions for Petrochemical Core Process Industries and Emerging Areas

HOUSTON – April 11, 2016 

“At a time of heightened safety awareness, the implications of being able to create real-life training environments by way of virtual reality cannot be understated.  We’re no longer telling tales rooted in science fiction: It’s here now and the use of both virtual reality and augmented reality hold great promise for reducing the myriad process safety concerns inherent in petrochemical operations. Optech4D has moved the future of process safety excellence from theory to reality,” according to Vincent Higgins, CEO of Optech4D, a pioneer in the field of wireless and wearable computing.

At booth #322 during the AIChE 2016 Global Congress on Process Safety, Optech4D will offer demonstrations of its wearable virtual reality and augmented reality technologies that effectively address process safety challenges unique to engineers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. Optech4D‘s Virtual Reality fully immerses the user in a realistic, simulated environment, while its Augmented Reality superimposes information onto the real world, providing engineers with hands free information, called up at any time and seen in the user’s peripheral vision. 

 Augmented and Virtual Reality, as designed by Optech4D, combine cutting-edge visualization software with the latest in wearable computing, including Smart Glasses and wearable tablets. “Optech4D empowers petrochemical engineers to visualize what matters, resulting in greater learning retention, operational efficiency and most importantly, personal safety,” according to Higgins.