Optech4D partners with Dresser-Rand

Optech4D provides Dresser-Rand customized training software for critical energy isolation procedures

Dresser-Rand is responsible for servicing client installations of its rotating equipment, or training client personnel in the same. To assist in this endeavor, Optech4D has developed a custom solution based on its Full Immersion Training Simulator (FITS) software. The simulator software will specifically provide a platform for training workers in Lockout-Tagout procedures, a typical prerequisite for repair or maintenance work on Dresser-Rand compressors and other equipment.   

For the safety of the workers performing repair, maintenance or servicing in the field, it is vital to ensure the facility (or portion of the facility) where such activities must be undertaken has been shut down. Specifically, all electrical connections to and from the area of work must be severed, the flow of high-energy gases and liquids into the system checked, and all working equipment safely stopped. This is generally referred to as energy isolation of the equipment to be worked on, and one such procedure typically employed for Dresser-Rand equipment is termed Lockout-Tagout (LOTO). Failure to properly carry out LOTO can have devastating, possibly fatal, consequences to personnel and equipment.   

To facilitate effective training regarding proper LOTO procedures, Optech4D has developed a custom 3D training simulator for Dresser-Rand. The simulator is fully interactive; all operable valves and switches can be opened or closed, turned or off, and every user action will directly impact the status of the facility, equipment, and avatar.   

Virtual simulators provide an environment where users can effectively learn by doing: mistakes can be made, feedback received, consequences witnessed firsthand, and lessons learnt, all from the safety of a classroom or the office desk. As a training tool, their effectiveness and importance is unquestionable.   

About Dresser-Rand   

Dresser-Rand Group is a leading supplier of rotating equipment for the oil, gas, power, process and other industries. Formed in 1986, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA and Paris, France, it is involved in the design, manufacture, and servicing of compressors and other heavy equipment. For more information, please visit, www.dresser-rand.com   

About Optech4D 

Optech4D is a global provider of 3D Full Immersion Simulators for the Oil and Gas Industry. Founded by chemical engineers, with 15+ years of experience serving the Oil and Gas Industry, the company’s simulation platform embeds best practices and the experience of countless engineers, providing a truly effective method for training the next generation in day-to-day operations, safety, and crisis management. For more information about Optech4D's 3D Full Immersion Safety and Technical Training solutions, please visit www.Optech4D.com