Vincent Higgins

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Vincent Higgins is the Chairman and CEO of Optech4D, Inc., a global provider of 3D technologies to the oil & gas, utilities and aviation industries.  As an expert in corporate strategy and leadership development, he assists organizations in successfully planning for the future, while simultaneously raising the bar on leadership talent and recruiting.   Mr. Higgins’ expertise in 3D technologies, both in augmented and virtual reality, bring him to speak at conferences around the globe.


Vincent has degrees in Physics, Philosophy, and Theology, and uses his “theo-physicist” background in leadership and enterprise development. He has lived in a number of countries working with corporate leaders and organizations and speaks several languages.


In his book, Social Influence and Genius, A Leadership Journey - A Better Future for your Business and the World, Mr. Higgins develops an innovative new model for organizational and leadership development.    


Vincent also serves on the board of the Institute for Effective Leadership, which he founded in 2008.

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