Paul Maszy

Vice President, Product Development

Mr. Maszy's experience is helping the engineering group to innovate in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market, pulling distinct technologies together to accelerate products to market. Prior to joining Optech4D as Vice President of Product Development, he led the engineering group at Bridgeway software, utilizing different technologies to bring existing products up to standards and bring new products to market, minimizing risks in the digital age. 

Prior to Bridgeway, Mr. Maszy led various engineering teams in startups and mature organizations making a wide array of products. He is an agile leader, using the principles within to encourage team participation, ownership and accountability to the organization. 

Mr. Maszy encourages "best tool for job", and leverages incremental updates to bring software to market. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Regis University, and a MBA from Texas A&M. 

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