Major Oil Company Saves $2 Million Using VR for Helideck Training

Optech4D used its expertise in virtual reality (VR) simulations to develop the next generation of helicopter landing officer (HLO) training for its client. Research has shown that VR experiences dramatically improve retention of information and events. In a study carried out by the National Training Laboratory, it was found that retention rates for lecture style learning were at 5 percent, reading learning rates were at 10 percent, while VR simulation learning retention was at 75 percent.

For these reasons, Optech4D developed a fully immersive environment where HLOs can experience the dangers and extremes of a helicopter crash on an offshore oil platform. Using VR, the officer is able to witness a helicopter on fire and must execute the response plan in a quick and safe manner.


  • Allows for the user to make mistakes and experience the outcomes in the safety of a virtual environment.
  • Metrics on the accuracy, time, mistakes and completion percentage are recorded in the background during training and are reviewed with the training managers.
  • Dramatically reduces cost and improves safety by removing the need to fly offshore to carry out the training course.


The company experienced a projected $2 million a year in logistics savings. With the simulation, fewer risks are associated with landing procedures therefore reducing risk in the future for helicopter crashes and employees getting injured.