Saving Lives with Lockout-Tagout VR Training Simulators in Oil & Gas

The Optech4D Fully Immersive Training Simulator (FITS) educates and certifies technicians on Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) procedures using Virtual Reality. By partnering with Oculus Rift, Optech4D developed a virtual world where the trainee can walk through their facility to check all critical equipment and verify that it is properly de-energized, tagged and locked out.  If mistakes are made during the audit procedure, the trainee will experience the same consequences they would see in real life, such as gas leaks from a pipeline, fluid spillage from a tank and even a fire. With the use of the new LEAP Motion sensor, users can interact with the virtual world with their hands as it recognizes each joint, lending the ability to turn valves, flip switches and move objects.


  • Training through VR reduces risk and improves safety by allowing technicians to make mistakes in the safety of a virtual facility, instead of in the field.
  • Gaps in the training module can be easily identified and quickly improved upon with the help of Optech4D’s cloud-based server.
  • By using data analytics clients have the power to closely monitor their training programs and track their employee’s progress.


 This advanced technology reduces the risk of injuries and accidents caused by human error, which saves lives. According to OSHA, complete compliance with LOTO procedures prevents a projected 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year – therefore improving safety and daily operations.