Offshore Pipelaying Vessel Operator Maximizes Uptime with VR Training

SAIPEM focuses on laying subsea pipelines by one of two methods depending on the depth of the seabed (J-lay or S-lay pipe-laying). We at Optech4D designed a training and visualization platform, using our Full Immersion Training Simulator (FITS), to accurately depict this highly technical process and provide the next generation of training for technicians and operators.


  • Training using VR technology improves learning retention which prepares technicians and operators for a highly technical procedure, thus reducing risk and maximizing safety.
  • Reduces downtime and improves efficiency of operations.
  • Provides clear instructions by removing paper based training manuals and implementing an engaging method of learning.


With this VR technology, we are able to reduce human error and downtime by engaging the trainees and improving retention rates for this complex task. With the average cost per day of a Field Development Ship 2 (FDS2) vessel being about $3 million per mile, the overall ROI is extraordinary when project timelines are shortened and downtime is reduced.