Abe Shasha


Mr. Shasha is a principal at Abe Shasha Consulting Inc. based in Houston, Texas that provides services for integration of software and technology into the fields of energy, clean technology, and mining and power industries. He has spent the majority of his career leading sales teams in the sales, deployment and value generation of software within the operational side of Process Industries; Pulp and Paper, Chemicals, and Oil and Gas (Upstream and Downstream). 

During Mr. Shasha’s executive career, he led Honeywell in the development and execution of a worldwide sales team for advanced software. Their business grew from $50M to over $300M with offices worldwide, global client base including all the super-majors, and, tight integration with the broader Honeywell Industrial Control segment. He led Aspen Technologies Global Accounts Division in driving business with EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), and other leading organizations and in their Global Accounts Program. In his tenure, senior contacts in Oil and Gas and Chemicals were developed, maintained and supported in several critical deployments of technology and services for Operational Effectiveness and he was recognized as providing significant multimillion dollar wins at Shell, BP and UOP – along with alliance engagements with Accenture, Schlumberger, Shell Global Solutions, UOP, and others.

Mr. Shasha is a founding Partner of Energy Water Solutions (US, Latin America & Australia) that sells, designs and constructs Produced Water Treatment plants to treat water by-products and remove brine and heavy metals from the Oil and Gas and other industries to produce beneficial end products such as fresh water. He has engaged in developing several large strategic agreements at ISS group, the North American software firm where he designed, expanded, and successfully launched a multi-million dollar engagement with businesses such as Schlumberger and, PetroCanada. Other engagements included Schlumberger Information Solutions, Risk Based Inspection software, Remote Performance Management, BP, and Microsoft alliance. 

In Mr. Shasha’s early career, he was Vice President Software for KBC Advanced Technologies, Vice President, Software, Director, Worldwide Sales for SACDA Inc. /Honeywell Hi-Spec, Sales Executive for Digital Equipment Corporation, National Sales Manager, at CICS/Redshaw (Canada), National Sales Manager, and a Sales Representative for CPA DataSystems. 

Mr. Shasha earned a BA and dual major in Economics and Computer Science from University of Waterloo (Canada) and Business Degree from Wilfred Laurier University (Canada).

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