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About us

Optech4D is driving the adoption of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies across operations, maintenance, and health and safety. We combine cutting-edge visualization software with the latest in wearable computing, including smart glasses and devices. Our immersive solutions empower field technicians to visualize what matters, resulting in greater learning retention and operational efficiency.

Our customizable hardware and software provide controlled access to documentation and live data, situation-aware alerts, and asset tracking for a safer, more efficient workplace. Whether you’re miles offshore, 30,000 feet in the air or somewhere in between, Optech4D’s Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies can improve your operational efficiency, safety and training programs through hands on, real time and immersive learning and simulations. Our staff of experienced engineers has the expertise to develop real-world simulations of your heavy machinery and assets, allowing field technicians in the oil and gas, power, aviation, aerospace, and other industries to visualize what matters.

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When employees have access to real-time information, time, money and lives are saved. The same is true when they are truly engaged in training programs – and Optech4D technologies help with both. By enabling context-aware transfer of data, documentation and real-time updates to field personnel, Optech4D’s SafeBeacon platform and software options provide a demonstrably effective means of enhancing productivity and reducing cost. Current applications of the SafeBeacon technology include:

With its Full Immersion Training Simulator (FITS) software, Optech4D also aides in the preservation and sharing of critical knowledge across the technical workforce. By embedding best practices and the experience of countless engineers, virtual training provides a way for personnel to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment, ensuring higher retention rates and lowering the potential for critical errors in the workplace.

Optech4D also aims to drive adoption of technological advancements. Optech4D's hardware and software products are fully compatible with a variety of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and the latest in wearable hardware. This includes Augmented Reality headsets (interactive safety glasses, primarily used for operations), and Virtual Reality technology (for training), which enhance the user experience and boost efficiency while remaining cost-effective and easy to implement.


One of the greatest threats to the industries we commonly work with is downtime associated with maintaining compressors, pumps, turbines and other critical equipment.  Optech4D has created a state-of-the-art platform for interacting with heavy equipment in three dimensions, on desktop and mobile devices, allowing the end user to deepen their understanding of the inner workings of complex equipment and scenarios. 

Many manufacturers have adopted Optech4D's technology for both classroom and field training. Standard operating procedures are integrated and individual parts can be ordered on demand. Manufacturers are taking advantage of the same
platforms to communicate value in an innovative way, distinguishing them from the competition. See video.

Latest News...

The London Times interviews Optech4D about next-generation Smart Glasses for industry.


Global Fortune 50 Oil and Gas company awards Optech4D, Inc. two offshore simulation projects.


Optech4D chosen to develop 3D simulator for global Lockout-Tagout training platform for Dresser Rand


Optech4D provides 3D Simulator for Saipem’s flagship pipe-laying vessels


Optech4D announced as premier Oil & Gas partner of next-gen AiR (Augmented Interactive Reality) developer Atheer Labs.


Plant Design Solutions announces partnership with Optech4D to market its Full Immersion Training Simulator (FITS) platform.


The power and performance of a tablet, superpowered with 3D Augmented Reality in stunning HD quality.

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Virtual Reality (VR) immerses the user in a realistic environment allowing a more effective training experience.  Our Full Immersion Training Simulator (FITS) platform takes full advantage of the latest in immersive 3D Head Tracking displays.

Atheer Labs Intelligent Safety glasses is the next generation in wearable technology. This gesture-based 3D Augmented Reality Platform allows for hands free access to local and cloud based data of every kind, as well as live collaboration using video streaming between field personnel and office-based experts.

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Facility simulation

Virtual Reality simulation is particularly well-suited for use in the upstream E&P, downstream petrochemical, aviation and aerospace industries, where remote and unsafe locations and interaction with heavy assets and equipment are increasingly common. This type of technology enables users to receive the majority of their training in a virtual environment, which can significantly reduce cost and risk.   

Optech4D  provides 3D Full Immersion Training, a real time simulation-training platform.  Compliance teams have never seen such engaging training courses and effective tools for reducing risk and cost in the future.

Combining Optech4D’s facility and heavy equipment simulators in a single framework, engineers and operators have the opportunity to participate in safety and operational scenarios such as lockout/tagout, while in the same environment work interactively with heavy equipment for maintenance training purposes. See video.


• Emergency Drills and SOP Rehearsals

• Maintenance training on critical rig and plant systems 

• 3D Simulations for HSE Training

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Optech4D’s software works with all major operating systems

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